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Cloud Phone Systems

Cut your phone bills by 60% with a reliable and flexible phone system that gives you enterprise-level functionalities you deserve.

RingCentral uses cloud computing to deliver advanced capabilities (normally found only in the most expensive business phone systems) to any company, regardless of its size or location. It eliminates the need for investment in expensive on-premise equipment and maintenance. You can rely on high-quality phone service anywhere you have Internet access.

Easy set up and administration

Unlike a conventional PBX, it doesn’t involve installing a switchboard or other hardware on premises. With a user friendly web interface, you can manage your system over the Internet. Your business-class phones will arrive ready to use, all you have to do is to plug them in. With a special adapter, you can connect existing analog phones. If you already have digital SIP-compatible phones, it may be possible to configure them for use with RingCentral.

Support for multiple locations and a mobile workforce

RingCentral is easy to set up for multiple locations and mobile workers. A toll-free or local number serves as the main business number, and an auto-receptionist routes calls to multiple extensions, which can be assigned to employees in one or multiple locations and to mobile workers. Extensions can be configured to ring on an office line, a home phone, a mobile handset or directly to voicemail, enabling flexibility and seamless connectivity with customers, suppliers and employees. One phone number can be directed to any extension, any fixed or mobile number or voicemail depending on the date, time or caller ID.


If your company is growing, or if the headcount fluctuates seasonally, RingCentral Office service lets you easily add extensions, create departments and connect remote offices—all through an online management portal that requires minimal training to use. No technician visits required.

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A RingCentral phone system can make a small business indistinguishable from a large enterprise. Toll-free numbers, Auto-Receptionist and dial-byname directory, hold music, extension dialing, and calling queues help smaller businesses better compete against larger competitors.


RingCentral is not a small company. It serves over 300,000 businesses, more than any Canadian telecom. That is impressive for a company established in 2003, and is result of reliable and quality services. Internet and VOIP (“voice over IP”) radically changed phone services, but most providers are focused on home users, and the reliability is very often a problem. Some small companies are offering VOIP phones, but they are not big enough to provide multiple layers of network and service redundancy, necessary for reliable services. Some large telecoms also try to compete in this area, their services suffer due to their outdated business practices, while RingCentral manages to offer good prices, friendly service, flexibility, and reliability at the same time.
In today’s high-pressure world, a phone system is a lifeline to customers, suppliers and other key contacts. You can’t afford to miss calls because of technical glitches or primitive routing features. Regardless of the size of the company, you deserve professionalism and quality.

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About Cloud Phone Systems

Small business, need to stay connected with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, and their telephone system is a critical way of maintaining that connection. Not all business phone solutions are created equal, however, and they don’t all deliver on the key needs of small businesses.
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